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    *Young art from Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. The group exhibition will be shown at Galerie Andreae from April 8 to June 19, 2021. Works by Tiziana Jill Beck (*1982), Johannes Bosisio (*1994), Michael Klipphahn (*1987), Lisa Pahlke (*1987), Victoria Pidust (*1992) and Alexander Schulz (*1987) will be on display. The gallery will be open on the opening day from 12 - 9 pm. Reserve an appointment for the exhibition at 0228 - 93490881 or For your visit you will need a daily Coronatest.
  • LUKAS GLINKOWSKI | Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!

    In his first comprehensive monograph, Lukas Glinkowski opens up insights into his visual world. His studio paintings re-compose impressions and encounters from everyday life, creating a visual mashup: citations from art history, comics, and figures can be found on unusual backgrounds such as ingrain wallpaper, tiles, or mirrors. "Lukas Glinkowski - Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!", artist monograph, available from April 2021 at Hatje Cantz Verlag and Galerie Judith Andreae.
  • Lea Grebe – Sammlung des Bundes

    (DE) Die deutsche Sammlung des Bundes hat in diesem Jahr die Arbeit "Cocooning III, 2020" unserer Künstlerin LEA GREBE (*1987) angekauft und in die ständige Bundeskunstsammlung aufgenommen.

    MOFF is a magazine from the art scene in the Rhineland with its editorial office in Cologne. The focus is on nine to twelve interviews with artists, which are supplemented by a further interview with related art lovers such as gallerists, curators, collectors and publishers. In the current MOFF issue: an interview between the artist Viktoria Strecker and her gallerist Judith Andreae - now available!
  • Favorite Photobooks of 2020 | Compiled by the editors of LensCulture

    DI_GI_TA_LIS by Achim Mohné. Published by Hatje Cantz - This book is out of the ordinary in several ways: it presents images of plants not from the central perspective of the camera, but taken with the line optics of a flatbed scanner; their creation took place in the course of several public performances, in which the scanned plants were cooked into vegan dishes and eaten by those present, during which the scans were printed out and hung on the wall. They cast numerous lights on a debate that goes far beyond their aesthetic dimension and touches on our relationship to nature in its social, ecological, and media-theoretical references. Consequently, this book not only contains images of plants, it also documents the process of their creation and offers a colorful bouquet of essays that reflect the multiple perspectives of the project. A book on plants that pays tribute to the scientific approach of Karl Blossfeldt and Ernst Fuhrmann, but which, in its melancholic beauty, also addresses a challenge to us: look nature in the face, respect and honor it while it is not yet too late. —Andreas Müller-Pohle, artist, publisher, editor of European Photography

    In this issue we look forward to take you into the studios of Regine Schumann in Cologne, one of the most important contemporary light artists, to Danh Vo's retreat in rural Brandenburg, where he is looking to liberate himself, and into the studio of Jeppe Hein in Berlin who talksto us about his relationship to art and how a burnout changed his view of his work. The Collectors Chronicle Issue #16 is out now!

    On the occasion of the German Photo Book Award, STUDIO ANDY SCHOLZ has conducted an interview with media artist ACHIM MOHNÉ about his recently awarded with gold book "DI_GI_TA_LIS". You can listen to the podcast under the link: or from Spotify at:
  • Lukas Glinkowski | Studio Berlin, Berghain

    Lukas Glinkowski is part of the group exhibition "Studio Berlin" at BERGHAIN, Berlin, starting September 9. The main purpose of the exhibition project is to reflect current currents and changes in art and society and to provide Berlin artists with a presentation space for their artistic work. The exhibition runs until the end of November 2020.