Galerie Judith Andreae


  • Upcoming Opening | September 16th

    Don't miss it: Pia Ferm opens her first solo exhibition on Thursday, 16 September at 6 pm at the Galerie Judith Andreae in Bonn!
  • Galerie Judith Andreae | Young Art at Positions Art Fair Berlin 2021

    A few days before the Berlin Art Week, the art fair Positions invites visitors to the hangars of the former Tempelhof Airport. Monopol shows insights into selected positions, such as painterly works by Volo Bevza. Furthermore: "There is an exciting mix of younger and established positions to discover. Insects are the special interest of artist Lea Grebe, represented by Judith Andreae: she immortalises dead beetles in bronze and deals with swarm movements and metamorphoses in painting."
  • Gudrun Kemsa | Lost Places Leverkusen

    30. August 2021 - 29. October 2021 "Lost Places" are abandoned places, areas, buildings, mostly in big cities, which often have a special charm in their abandonment. The "City C" - the oldest shopping arcade in downtown Leverkusen - is characterized by vacancy in large areas. Now it is being transformed into an art arcade until the end of October. Fifteen artists who work, live or have studied in North Rhine-Westphalia have taken up this challenge and have developed concepts for individual locations over the past few months that complement each other to create a varied and inspiring course. Among them is the artist Gudrun Kemsa, who shape the Lost City C with her photographic works.
  • Claudia Mann | “Aufrecht Bleiben |Einraumhaus c/o

    10.9.2021 - 28.11.2021 Opening: Friday 10.9.2021, 20h EINRAUMHAUS c/o in Mannheim shows Claudia Mann's sculpture "AUFRECHT BLEIBEN", which was last on display at the Enter Art Fair at the entrance of the Tunnelfabrikken in Copenhagen. The work "Aufrecht Bleiben 13.08.2021*" is erected and includes in this process not only questions of standing as such but beyond that: staying upright is a fundamental question in the life of all human beings, one that makes us continually human and equally contains within itself difficulties. An inner as well as an outer constitution is necessary to be able to erect permanently. Therefore the question maintains "How does standing actually work?"
  • Opening Hours | Öffnungszeiten | Bonn

    Due to renovations and the participation at Positions Art Fair Berlin, the gallery will be closed from September 5 to September 13. However, please feel free to contact us for an individually scheduled appointment or visit the gallery's booth B06 at Positions Art Fair, Tempelhof Airport Berlin.
  • Positions Berlin Art Fair 2021

    Galerie Judith Andreae will be part of this year's Positions Berlin Art Fair from September 9 - 12 at Tempelhof Airport. Please visit us at our booth B06, where we will showcase new works by the artists Tiziana Jill Beck, Julia Gruner, Volo Bevza, Lea Grebe and Hildegard Elma.
  • Stefanie Brehm | Preisverleihung & Eröffnung

    On September 12, two openings of exhibitions featuring the ceramic artist Stefanie Brehm will take place. In the course of the award ceremony of the Volker Hinniger Prize 2020, Stadtgalerie Villa Dessauer in Bamberg will show works of the artist. Likewise, on this day the group exhibition 'Nivard ||' will have its opening in Maria Bildhausen. It showcases new polyurethane paintings as well as glass paintings by Brehm.
  • Victoria Pidust | PORÖS

    Sculplope, Lobe Block, Berlin 15th August - 19th September 2021 Victoria Pidust will take part in the group show 'PORÖS'. The exhibition picks up on threads bringing together artworks, performances and interventions under the umbrella term porosity. The outdoor areas of the building become the site for installations and events that metaphorically, aesthetically or conceptually engage with the concepts of porosity and permeability. Participating artists are encouraged to engage artistically and socially with the local environment.

    Another recent work by Regine Schumann can now be found in public space. The new work colormirror pastel yellow orange amsterdam by the light artist from 2021 hangs clearly visible in the entrance area, directly behind the glass front, of the Gemeindezentrum/Erlöserkirche Bonn, Bad Godesberg.
  • Stefanie Brehm | SI Kunstpreis 2021 für bildende Künstlerinnen

    For the fourth time, the SI Art Prize, endowed with 5,000 euros, is awarded to a visual artist from the European Metropol Region Nuremberg in order to promote and honor her artistic work. The jury's decision fell on Stefanie Brehm. The award ceremony will take place as a public event in a festive setting on October 22nd 2021 at the Kulturverein Badstraße 8 e.V. in Fürth. Works by Stefanie Brehm will be on display in an exhibition there until October 31st 2021.
  • Claudia Mann | Hab keine Angst vor mir

    Claudia Mann (*1982 Wuppertal) is one of the most exciting and serious sculptors of the new generation. Time and again, she questions sculpture about its essence and its limits. In doing so, she developed the central thesis "Sculpture is Ground", based on the realisation that when working with the ground as a basic material, every negative form appears at the same time as a positive form and therefore no valuation can be made in favour of one or the other. Claudia Mann, "Hab keine Angst vor mir", MMK, Passau. Opening 16 July from 10 am. Duration: until 3 October 2021.

    Galerie Judith Andreae is pleased to present for the first time the video installation "Secretion Window" by artist Laura Giesdorf in the courtyard. Make an appoint with us for a late night screening in the gallery courtyard while at the same time visiting the current exhibition.
  • LUKAS GLINKOWSKI | Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!

    In his first comprehensive monograph, Lukas Glinkowski opens up insights into his visual world. His studio paintings re-compose impressions and encounters from everyday life, creating a visual mashup: citations from art history, comics, and figures can be found on unusual backgrounds such as ingrain wallpaper, tiles, or mirrors. "Lukas Glinkowski - Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!", artist monograph, available at Hatje Cantz Verlag and Galerie Judith Andreae.