Galerie Judith Andreae


  • *UND DAS IST AUCH GUT SO | in der Monopol

    Benjamin Freund: Art from Academies in Eastern Germany. "Many curators are blind towards the East." A gallery based in Bonn shows a group exhibition with graduates from East German Academies only. Does this label makes sense? A talk with the curator Katja Andreae.

    Galerie Judith Andreae is pleased to present for the first time the video installation "Secretion Window" by artist Laura Giesdorf in the courtyard. Join us for a late night screening in the gallery courtyard. Friday, May 28 + Saturday, May 29, both from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. The gallery will also be open and you will have the opportunity to see the current exhibition *AND THAT'S A GOOD THING.

    A group exhibition to mark the anniversary of the Mülheimer Kunstverein. Under the title "COLOR - SPACE - OBJECT", works by eleven artists and a group of artists working in Mülheim and across regional borders enter into dialogue with each other in the KUNSTMUSEUM TEMPORÄR and in the Galerie d'Hamé. Different media such as painting, sculpture, object, photography and light art meet and direct the focus on the fascination of color, its very own space-creating dynamics and changeability through light. As a highlight, a light installation visually connects the entrance areas of the two exhibition venues opposite each other in downtown Mülheim. Duration: May 9 to July 11, 2021.
  • LUKAS GLINKOWSKI | Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!

    In his first comprehensive monograph, Lukas Glinkowski opens up insights into his visual world. His studio paintings re-compose impressions and encounters from everyday life, creating a visual mashup: citations from art history, comics, and figures can be found on unusual backgrounds such as ingrain wallpaper, tiles, or mirrors. "Lukas Glinkowski - Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!", artist monograph, available at Hatje Cantz Verlag and Galerie Judith Andreae.

    *Young art from Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. The group exhibition can be seen until July 19, 2021. Works by Tiziana Jill Beck (*1982), Johannes Bosisio (*1994), Michael Klipphahn (*1987), Lisa Pahlke (*1987), Victoria Pidust (*1992) and Alexander Schulz (*1987) will be on display. The gallery will be open on the opening day from 12 - 9 pm. Reserve an appointment for the exhibition at 0228 - 93490881 or For your visit you will need a daily Coronatest.

    May 30 - Open STudios: Marthe Krüger and Andreas Bausch, Vernissage of the Exhibition "Letter Art Mail Art", Kunstverein Röderhof, Röderhof
  • Lea Grebe – Sammlung des Bundes

    (DE) Die deutsche Sammlung des Bundes hat in diesem Jahr die Arbeit "Cocooning III, 2020" unserer Künstlerin LEA GREBE (*1987) angekauft und in die ständige Bundeskunstsammlung aufgenommen.