Galerie Judith Andreae


  • Öffnungszeiten | Opening Hours

    The gallery will be closed between the years from Thursday 23 December 2021 to Wednesday 5 January 2022 inclusive. Collections and appointments can still be made for 23 December 2021.
  • Year Closing Exhibition

    We end the gallery year with the group exhibition Déjà-Vu? The show runs until 19 December during regular opening hours. You are also welcome to make an individual appointment with us - we look forward to seeing you. The 2G rule applies to your visit to the gallery.
  • Victoria Pidust | Weißensee! Mart Stam Preis | Marburg

    26.11.2021 - 13.01.2022 The exhibition shows final works by young artists and designers who were awarded the Mart Stam Prize in 2019 and 2020. In 2020, Victoria Pidust was awarded the Mart Stam Prize. The exhibition with the award-winning final projects of the last two years reflects not only the diversity of the subjects taught at the university, but also the variety of media, topics and issues that the students deal with. The exhibition features surprising confrontations between painting and fashion, sculpture and stage design or visual communication and product design.
  • Hildegard Elma | ‘3 Künstlerinnen’

    On Sunday, 7th November, the exhibition "3 Women Artists" opens at Podium Kunst in Schramberg. 3 female artists. 3 positions. 3 rooms. Hildegard Elma will be showing large-scale, contemplative watercolour paintings. The 3G rule applies and advance registration via e-mail is necessary. 7.11.2021, at 11 am, admission from 10.30 am. The exhibition will be on display until 2.11.2022.
  • Pia Ferm | Jahresgabe 2021/22 | Kunstverein Bielefeld

    Pia Ferm will create one of this year's annual editions of the Kunstverein Bielefeld. The works will be on display from 13.11. to 18.12.2021.

    Victoria Pidust | JVDW DÜSSELDORF BILDMASSAGE Opening: 30 October, 6 - 9 pm The artist will be present. 30. October - 30. December 2021 jdvw Düsseldorf

    I WILL NOT THINK ABOUT THIS FOR TOO LONG 30 October - 27 November 2021 kjubh Kunstverein e.V. The opening will take place on Friday, 29 October at 6 pm. The artist will be present.
  • Achim Mohné | Environment and Art Award 2021

    The Kummer-Vanotti Foundation, founded in 2018, is presenting the "Environment and Art Award" for the second time. In 2021, the independent jury has chosen the artwork "Low_Poly_Tree" by Cologne-based media artist Achim Mohné, university lecturer in post-photography and digital imaging.
  • Gudrun Kemsa | MMK Passau

    GUDRUN KEMSA. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, Museum Moderner Kunst Wörlen Passau 16.10.2021 - 16.01.2022 The photo and video artist Gudrun Kemsa understands the world as a stage on which an infinite number of performances take place day after day. In her works, she addresses the perception of time in an urban context. She photographs people in public spaces or assembles film sequences of city trips in such a way that the city seems to be in motion. In this case, it is the fascinating metropolis of New York City, which has always captivated artists for generations and which Gudrun Kemsa herself has visited several times. She is particularly interested in the outer 'beautiful' appearance. All the works were created in bright sunshine and the buildings form a magnificent stage for the observed sceneries, which nevertheless appear so tidy, as if someone had directed the composition. The streets and squares of Manhattan thus create images of infinite beauty.
  • Michael Klipphahn | Paradies

    October 15 - January 9, 2022 Project Space Neue Galerie, Leipzig Michael Klipphahn transfers images of blossoms, leaves, hair and skin from elaborately mounted and alienated photographs into painting. Digital illusions of reality become porcelain-like perfect painting. Fragmentary image details emphasize the play with deception and illusion, with erotic appearance and untouchability. The optical impression of the living is stopped in its natural fleetingness and captured with surreal over-clearness. Suggestion of proximity and presence, however, ends in denial: with subtle hints, the painter makes clear what the ancient cultural technique of oil painting is capable of achieving in the context of our present. Opening: DO 14.10., 7 pm artist talk for the opening Translated with (free version)
  • Lea Grebe | Kunstmuseum Ahlen

    From 3 October 2021 to 16 January 2022, the Kunstmuseum Ahlen is showing the exhibition "RESET Crisis // Opportunity". The theme "has been triggered by the crises of recent years and the challenges that have become clearly visible as a result. The situation in the world demands and asks more and more urgently for a RESET..." On display are videos, photographs, installations, sculptures and drawings from 19 highly diverse artistic positions, including works by artist Lea Grebe. The opening will take place on Saturday 2 October at 4pm. The official opening is already fully booked due to limited seating. Please not that the 3G rule applies for participating on all events. On the opening day, the exhibition will be open to those interested from 5pm to 8pm. Admission is free! You can book admission via the visitor portal of the Kunstmuseum Ahlen.
  • Johannes Brus | Haus Beda

    The Neue Galerie im Haus Beda for contemporary art will be showing selected photographic works and sculptures by Johannes Brus from October the 3rd onwards. The opening will take place on 3 October from 11.30 a.m., the artist will be present.

    Another recent work by Regine Schumann can now be found in public space. The new work colormirror pastel yellow orange amsterdam by the light artist from 2021 hangs clearly visible in the entrance area, directly behind the glass front, of the Gemeindezentrum/Erlöserkirche Bonn, Bad Godesberg.
  • LUKAS GLINKOWSKI | Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!

    In his first comprehensive monograph, Lukas Glinkowski opens up insights into his visual world. His studio paintings re-compose impressions and encounters from everyday life, creating a visual mashup: citations from art history, comics, and figures can be found on unusual backgrounds such as ingrain wallpaper, tiles, or mirrors. "Lukas Glinkowski - Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. But we will see!", artist monograph, available at Hatje Cantz Verlag and Galerie Judith Andreae.