Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: SPOT ON Felix Contzen | David Benedikt Wirth | SIGNS

Vernissage 24.11.2022
Duration 24.11.2022 — 29.01.2023

In the course of the 10th anniversary of the gallery, the new format SPOT ON was created, in which artists personally present their artistic work and give an insight into it.   Transformations and interventions in the rooms of the Judith Andreae Gallery are approaches that FELIX CONTZEN (*1981 in Willich on the Lower Rhine) has already pursued several times. Now, however, the artist himself and his studio are moving into the existing exhibition spaces. For the duration of the show, Contzen will use them as a point of creation for new works as well as for researching new pictorial motifs. Furthermore he will present the process to date in at least two series of works. Thus, the processual, the action and the hidden in the creation of art are in the foreground. While the artist has so far questioned the presentation of art through the design of the frame to the overall effect of the space, he now devotes himself to moments of encounter or non-encounter: How does a visit to the studio take shape when the artist himself is on site as opposed to a visit in his absence? How do the starting point (studio) and the end point of art (exhibition space) come together in one? The first solo exhibition "Signs" by DAVID BENEDIKT WIRTH (*1988 in Fulda) at Galerie Judith Andreae brings together two groups of the artist's works. In these, he explores themes such as social group membership, traditions of human history and universal, human forms of expression.  Both artists are researching human's way of capturing nature in artistic creation.