Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: Malerei

Vernissage 10.05.2015
Duration 09.05.2015 — 27.06.2015

The Galerie Judith Andreae is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of Sabrina Haunsperg, born in 1980, with new paintings. Since her first appearance at the Gallery Judith Andreae in 2013, Sabrina Haunsperg has been invited to participate in the exhibition "NEON - THE LIGHTS OF ART" from the "Museum für Konkrete Kunst" in Ingolstadt and the City Gallery of Saarbrücken. In spring 2014 an individual exhibition was held at the Museum Wiesbaden. You can get a first impression of the new works on the long night of the galleries on the 8th of may from 6 pm to midnight. The official opening of the exhibition takes place on May 10th.