Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: LUKAS GLINKOWSKI | 10 Berliner mit Puderzucker*

Vernissage 22.04.2022
Duration 23.04.2022 — 17.06.2022

For Lukas Glinkowski's first solo show at Galerie Judith Andreae, 10 new mirror and tile works are being created that thematically and pictorially tie in with the artist's previous series. The exhibition title "10 Berliners with Powdered Sugar" is an ironic reference to the use of glitter pigments, which are also used in recent works. For the new series of works, the artist draws on novels of modern and contemporary literature, constantly decontextualising the quotations used from authors such as Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre or Michel Houellebecq and placing them in new contexts.
 Parallel to Glinkowski's solo show, we are presenting the special exhibition feat. Laura Giesdorf in the gallery's vaulted cellar.