Galerie Judith Andreae


Vernissage 22.10.2020
Duration 23.10.2020 — 05.12.2020

Birgitta Weimer has developed the concept for the exhibition, which is thematically integrated into an interdisciplinary discourse on the topic of the Anthropocene. According to the definition of HYPEROBJECTS - a term coined by the philosopher Timothy Morton - the sculptures, installations, drawings, sound and video works of the artists* exhibited in this project are multidimensional, fragmentary and thus also boundless: "The purpose of the exhibition project is the artistic exploration of the deeply unsettling experience of the end of the world as we knew it and the vision of a new world view in which anthropocentric thinking is replaced by radically ecological thinking. “ - B.W. Through the different artistic approaches, the exhibition offers a wide-ranging programme on various aspects of the highly topical discourse.