Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: feel color

Vernissage 03.05.2019
Duration 04.05.2019 — 27.07.2019

The show will be extended until July 27th, 2019. For the solo exhibition FEEL COLOR Regine Schumann creates a new kind of light production. The multi-coloured acrylic glass works of her site-specific installation are shown in a rhythmic alternation of daylight, artificial light and black light - flowing, fading, stroboscopic. Parallel we show corresponding works by Stefanie Brehm and Hildegard Elma on the topic feel color. At the same time as the gallery exhibition, works by Regine Schumann can be seen from May 17 to September 2019 as part of the exhibition "Goethe. Transformation of the World" at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.