Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: Cologne Fine Art & Design 2021

Vernissage 17.11.2021
Duration 18.11.2021 — 21.11.2021

At Booth B2, Hall 3.2 of Cologne Fine Art, the gallery is showing new works by PIA FERM and LUKAS GLINKOWSKI. The still young artistic work of PIA FERM moves between sculpture and painting, whereby the boundaries of these classical genres consciously flow into each other. From pencil sketches and watercolour drawings, she creates hand-tufted as well as woven tapestries that are in dialogue with her sculptures. In LUKAS GLINKOWSKI'S artistic works, the artist deals with reflections of public spaces as a reflection of our society. He "copies" and compresses everyday spaces such as public toilets, underground tunnels and street scenes onto tiles, mirrors and woodchip wallpaper, which he paints, sprays and describes. and describes. Graffiti, wear and tear and wanton destruction play a recurring role in Lukas Glinkowski's works - his inspiration is everyday life. The showroom also features bronze works by the artist CLAUDIA MANN.