Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: Aufrecht Bleiben | Claudia Mann

Vernissage 17.02.2022
Duration 18.02.2022 — 09.04.2022

Dialectic [diaˈlɛktɪk] - A philosophical method that questions the position from which it starts by making opposing assertions and seeks to gain knowledge of a higher kind in the synthesis of both positions. When asked what sculpture is, the sculptor Claudia Mann, born in Wuppertal in 1982, states: "Sculpture is soil".  The floor is the starting point of her sculptural concept, which she continues to develop. It becomes the protagonist and the latter a counterpart.  In her first solo exhibition "Aufrecht Bleiben" at Galerie Judith Andreae, the artist presents newly created works alongside works that were first shown at MMK in Passau in summer 2021. feat. ALEXANDER SCHULZ Parallel to Caudia Mann's solo show, new paintings by ALEXANDER SCHULZ (*1987, Berlin) will be on display in the gallery's Bureau.