Galerie Judith Andreae

Exhibition: Незридані сльози [nezrydani slʹozy] UNGEBORENE TRÄNEN

Vernissage 01.09.2022
Duration 02.09.2022 — 22.10.2022

The exchange between Galerie Judith Andreae and the Ukrainian artist couple Victoria Pidust and Volo Bevza gave rise to the idea of an exhibition project that invites six young Ukrainian artists to present their current works and focal points together for the first time. In the case of JULIA BELIAEVA (*1988), VOLO BEVZA (*1993), SASHA KURMAZ (*1986), VICTORIA PIDUST (*1992), ELENA SUBACH (*1980) and MARTA VOVK (*1989), these develop around analogue and digital forms of artistic expression and new visual aesthetics, but also thematically around the exploration of the self, their homeland Ukraine, the country's past and history and holistically around the ever-present, current situation.  The group show summarises this common thematic anchoring under the title 'Незридані сльози | Ungeborene Tränen' (unborn tears) - a poetic neologism by the Ukrainian avant-garde writer Pavlo Tychyna (1891-1967).  Tychyna created this term in 1918 under the sign of the war and it is just as relevant over 100 years later. Even in their vague German translations such as 'inwardly wept tears' or 'unwept tears', Tychyna's words refer to forms of emotional reaction to war, separation, loss of home and denial of identity. Nevertheless, the title also deliberately implies the glimmer of a vision of the future, since even tears of relief or tears of joy can be unshed tears.  'Незридані сльози | Unborn Tears' unites all these different approaches, creates overlaps and shows connections, thus revealing a cross-section of young, Ukrainian art.  The conception of the exhibition design, created by the Ukrainian design team otog studio, opens up another level of contemporary Ukrainian art production to the show. 10% OF ALL SALES GO TO UKRAINIAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.